The Alster steamer fleet was always - and always will be - a reflection of the times.
Whether it’s the "Aue" motor launch, which is back in service on the Alster after extensive work to restore her to her original condition, or the state-of-the-art solar catamaran, "Alstersonne", as well as our many classic Alster steamers.

Tip: The ships of the Alster steamer fleet are available for private charter. Further information here: Charter.

Type: Traditional Alster steamers

Alsterdampfer traditionell Grafik

MFS Ammersbek, MFS Bredenbek, MFS Eilbek, MFS Saselbek, MFS Seebek,
MFS Sielbek, MFS Susebek

Type: Goldbek

Goldbek Grafik

MFS Goldbek

Type: Alster Cabrio

Alstercabrio Grafik

MFS Alster Cabrio, MFS Alster Cabrio II

Typ: Solar vessel

Alstersonne Grafik


Type: Zemship

Zemship Grafik

FCS Alsterwasser

Type: Flat bottomed vessel

Flachschiff Grafik

MFS Alsterschipper, MFS Alsterschwan, MFS Fleetenkieker, MFS Quarteerslüüd,
MFS Schleusenwärter S.C.